SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Movement Medicine: Full Moon Dance

Friday, May 20, 2016 at 8 PM - 10 PM

Menlo Pilates & Yoga
1011 El Camino Real,
Menlo Park, California 94025

The rains and winds of the somewhat chaotic Spring are giving way to the bright Sun. And earth is bursting forth with signs of fertile sensuality all around us.

Summer is on its way - with long days, warm nights and celebration of the coming harvest of fruit.

We will celebrate the Union of Two becoming One this month, also called the Dyad month, the month of Lovers. May is notorious for weddings, with good reason. It is the time the ancients held their fertility rights, often enacting the ritual of the Stranger coming to the chamber of the Temple Priestess to ensure that a good harvest would be on its way. Our ancient ancestors didn't see themselves as separate from the land around them, but deeply part of it. And thus what they did affected the harvest and vice versa. One in the same.

This Full Moon will be in Sagittarius, opposite of Gemini. This creates tension between the quest for higher knowledge (Sag) and the need for academic accolades (Gemini). How can we live in the space between these two, becoming neither one nor the other - but allowing both at the same time within us? Marrying the two into one?

Cost: $10 - $20 (sliding scale)

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