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Love Tides ~ An Evening Puja

Friday, June 3, 2016 at 7 PM - 10 PM

Oakland, California

Bring your beloved, or connect with new folks! Treat yourself to an evening of LOVE, an evening of immersion in the journey of genuine Heart Awakening...

A puja is an act of worship, an expression of reverence and devotion. In Tantra we use it to connect with the divine through connecting with our partner. The Love Tides Puja is not like other pujas you may have been to. It doesn't look or feel the same, we don't even sit in two circles and go around, but we do have the chance to connect with many in the room if we want, or stay with the partner we came with if we prefer. The exercises are unique, and designed to bring us into deep self-connection, and drop us into the "Ocean of Love that Surrounds and Connects Us", then to connect with our partner(s) from that place.

What to expect:

* This is a clothing-on event.
* Experiential exercises we do alone & with others.
* Raps on topics, group dialogue, & sharing.
* This event is appropriate for all experience levels.
* This is a highly pleasurable (ecstatic) event, with a focus on awakening & deep heart presence.
* This is not like other Tantra events you have been to. This is authentic work on awakening.

Join us for this juicy ecstatic evening of elevated sensuality.

Cost: $20 - $30

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