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Dreaming into Being Workshop in San Jose

Saturday, May 28, 2016 at 10am - 3pm

Innate Sense
1275 Lincoln Ave.
San Jose, CA 95125

You are attracting things in our life, are you happy with what your attracting?

In this workshop, we will be giving you practical step-by-step directions to cultivate in your daily life to shift your energy, and attract your true hearts desires. Your thoughts create emotions, and your emotions dictate your actions. Learn simple effective techniques that happy, successful beings cultivate in their daily lives to bring the dreams in their hearts... into their reality.

This class you will learn and experience:
* How to shift the frequency your vibrating at that is attracting your outside circumstances
* How to create an effective dream board
* How to get out of negative thought patterns, and cultivate a positive outlook
* class materials will be supplied

Cost: $75

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