SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Compelling Mindfulness Retreat

Sunday, August 28, 2016 from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (PDT)

New Almaden Community Center
21727 Bertram Road,
San Jose, CA 95120

Would you like to go about your career or business in a free flowing energy?

Do you want more success in your life and business/career?

Our highly technology driven world has put you out of sorts. You feel connected, yet highly disconnected to YOU.

This retreat is for you if:

1. You are feeling overwhelmed.
2. You are feeling stressed.
3. You are having a hard time quieting your mind.
4. You need to press the reset button.
5. You need to get reconnected back to YOU.

Join us for a day of meditation, Kundalini Yoga and a mindful hike. You will be provided with a light green breakfast and lunch, so feel free to bring your own bagged food. There is a refrigerator on premise to keep it cool.

Only 20 spots are available for this retreat, so get your ticket early.

Cost: $92

Sofia Counseling Center Opening Celebration

Saturday, August 27, 2016 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM (PDT)

1057 East Meadow Circle,
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Please join us in a wonderful re-naming celebration at Sofia University. The Community Center for Health and Wellness, at Sofia University will soon be called the SOFIA COUNSELING CENTER as it welcomes new management.

Our center offers traditional clinical psychotherapy, integrative and transpersonal psychotherapy, continuing education training seminars, and community events. We welcome all who may be interested to learn more about who we are and what we bring to the community.

Celebration includes:
* Health-promoting and community-building activities, fund-raising raffle, free refreshments
* A labyrinth walk
* Yoga Demonstration (2:00pm)
* Tai Chi Demonstration (2:30pm)
* Drumming Circle (3:00pm)

Cost: Free

Dance as Self-Defense

Saturday, August 27, 2016 at 3 PM - 7 PM

Soja Mind / Body
368 24th St,
Oakland, California 94612

Dance As Self-Defense is a completely new way of thinking about both martial arts and dance. All the fun stuff in martial arts put it into dance games. It’s the safe way to work with maximum momentum. Each game plays with principles of movement and perception through dance. We will learn the W.A.L.T.Z. (Warriors and Lovers Traditional Zeitgeist), and the S.A.M.B.A. (Situational Awareness Momentum-Balance Activation). These dance styles are straight-up short-cuts to advanced martial arts skills.

One of the beautiful things about this practice method is it by-passes the normal emotional identity blocks people have, thereby giving students an opportunity to experience movement in new ways. If you would like to learn martial arts through dance, this is a great entry point. If you would like to bust your martial arts training out of its neat little boxes, this is the ticket. Or, if you just want to have a whole bunch of fun, this is the class for you!

People with little martial arts experience will be astounded how much power they have. Experienced martial artists will want to completely re-think how they generate power.

Because intrinsic power is easily accessible through play, this dance workshop is about stuff everyone already has. We want the expression of power to feel good. That positive feeling gets people dancing more, feeling and owning that part of themselves which is powerful.

Stop fighting and start dancing!

Cost: $60

Ganja Goddess Getaway

August 27 - 28, 2016 (Saturday – Sunday)

Venture Retreat Center
201 Eden West Road,
Pescadero, CA 94060

The Ganja Goddess Getaway is an all-inclusive overnight retreat for women focusing on ways to use cannabis as a creative and spiritual tool. Our event is set in serene Pescadero, just moments from the beach in a lush, forested retreat center.

Grab your girlfriends for a getaway! A Ganja Goddess Getaway!  This is a time for YOU to focus on YOU. Renew your energy through activities that promote sisterhood and growth.

Activities Include: yoga, nature, swimming, baking, massage, dabs, qi gong, dancing, singing, toking, laughter, good food, hot tub soaks, edibles, painting, entertainment, desserts, hiking, vision boarding, star charts, and more!!


All Inclusive Overnight Lodge Accommodations (Sat, 2pm-Sun, Noon): $289
* Comes with swag bag with more than $250 worth of cannabis and cannabis products.
* Full access to all classes, workshops, exhibits, and activities on both Saturday and Sunday.
* Overnight lodge accommodations with sleepaway camp style room shares.
* Bed included.
* All meals (dinner & breakfast), snacks, and desserts included.

All Inclusive Overnight Glamping Accommodations (Sat, 2pm-Sun, Noon): $189
* Our BEST VALUE comes with swag bag with more than $250 worth of cannabis and cannabis products. 
* Full access to all classes, workshops, exhibits, and activities on both Saturday and Sunday.
* Overnight "glamping" accommodations with 100 of your new best friends! Don't forget your sleeping bag.
* All meals (dinner & breakfast), snacks, and desserts included.

All Inclusive Day Tickets (Sat, 2pm-Midnight): $89
* Full access to all classes, workshops, exhibits, entertainment, and activities on Saturday.
* Snacks, dinner, and dessert included.

*All overnight ticket purchases come with a swag bag with more than $250 worth of cannabis and cannabis products for medical cannabis patients with valid doctor's rec and CA state ID.
*On site cannabis consumption will be available and encouraged.
*All meals and snacks will be mostly organic, whole foods and include vegan and gluten free options.

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Jealousy: A How-To Guide

Saturday, August 27, 2016 at 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

2819 San Pablo Ave Suite B,
Berkeley, CA

Every time we talk about Open Relationships, the question of jealousy is brought up.

"But how do you deal with jealousy?"

"So, if you're open, does that means you don't get jealous anymore?"

Jealousy: A How-To Guide will answer these questions and more. Spoiler alert: ALL relationships have the potential for jealousy, and being open doesn't require it to go away forever. (Monogamous people welcome!)

In this workshop, we will walk you through the questions to ask yourself and your partner(s) when jealousy arises, and what to do with the answers you hear. We will discuss the different causes of jealousy, how to disambiguate jealousy and envy, and a variety of self and relationship-care practices that can diffuse jealous feelings. There will be time for discussion, questions, and reflection on your own relationships. You will walk away with tools and techniques to use if jealousy ever becomes an issue in any of your relationships.

Cost: $40-$45
Discount code "jealousy" for 15% for Meetup members

2016 Sausalito Art Festival

September 3 - 5, 2016 (Friday – Monday)

Marinship Park,
Sausalito, CA

The Sausalito Art Festival is the top-rated event of its kind and the perfect way to celebrate your Labor Day Weekend. Meet over 260 artists, and have the opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind paintings, drawings, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry and more.

Enjoy non-stop musical entertainment from top headliners on three stages, gourmet delights, and fine wines and champagne.

The festival is located along the beautiful Sausalito Waterfront.

There’s a lot to enjoy at the Sausalito Art Festival, but one of the most anticipated features are the artists on the two performance stages at the festival.  We have had the pleasure of hosting legend after legend on the Stella Artois main stage and this year is no different.



Main Stage
12:00-1:00pm:  Charlie Musselwhite (blues)
1:30-2:30pm:  Blind Boys of Alabama (gospel)
3:00-4:30pm:  Squirrel Nut Zippers (jazz/swing)
5:00-6:00pm:  Monophonics (r&b/soul)

Artist Stage
11:00-12:30pm:  Vardo Gypsy Jazz (flamenco/jazz)
1:00-3:00pm:  Marie-Louise and The Humdingers (jazz/blues)
3:30-5:30pm:  One Grass Two Grass (bluegrass)

Main Stage
12:00-1:00pm:  Super Diamond (Neil Diamond tribute)
1:30-2:30pm:  Zepparella (All female Led Zeppelin tribute)
3:00-4:00pm:  Unauthorized Rolling Stones (Rolling Stones tribute)
4:30-6:00pm:  Stayin' Alive - A Bee Gee's Tribute (Bee Gee’s tribute)

Artist Stage
11:00-12:30pm: Romanza (classical)
1:00-3:00pm:  Deborah Winters Group (jazz/standards)
3:30-5:30pm:  Beyond Standard Jazz (jazz)

Main Stage
12:00-1:15pm:  Edgar Winter (blues/rock)
2:00-3:15pm:  Todd Rundgren (rock/pop)
3:45-5:00pm:  The Zombies (rock)

Artist Stage
11:00-12:30pm:  Bob Culbertson (jazz/world)
1:00-2:30pm:  Carbe and Durand (jazz/flamenco)

Cost: $28/day

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cOMmunity Acupuncture & Sound Healing circle

Friday, August 26, 2016 from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM (PDT)

OMpower - Indoor Cycling & Yoga
66 Townsend Street,
San Francisco, CA 94107

Brrrr, it's feeling more like Winter than Summer in the city, and we’ve got just the thing to warm those Bay Area bones! Cozy up with us and stoke your inner fire with a total body healing immersion. Dive into a 1.5-hour sound bath with ritual acupuncture offered by MorningAltar's Day Schildkret) and InTouch SF's Jordanna Eve Dworkin.

Blending gentle needling with enchanting music, crystal singing bowls, wood flute and other aural delights, we'll send you into the deep healing abyss as soon as you close your eyes. Take the journey with us!

A special viewing of Day's MorningAltars, an Internationally renowned impermanent earth art collection, will be on display.

We recommend early arrival to ensure your sweet spot in the circle. OMpower provides yoga mats and blankets, but feel free to bring your own creature comforts that make you feel right at home.
Wear warm, loose-fitting clothes, lean back and rejuvenate your qi surrounded by new friends, your besties and your loves.

Cost: $45. Pre-registration highly recommended

Sacred Cacao & Kundalini Yoga Bliss Weekend with Michal Hadar

August 26 – 28, 2016 (Friday – Sunday)

Sierra Hot Springs
521 Campbell Hot Springs Rd,
Sierraville, CA 96126

Are you ready to connect with your inner Goddess & God? On this vibrant living weekend uniting as sacred circle we weave a magical blend of Dance, Kundalini yoga, Clarity Breath & Sacred Cacao Ceremony, with playfulness, Spontaneity, grounding & Fun!

Include all Sierra Hot Spring Facilities
With Pools & In /Out Camping
With Organic Vibrant Food

About Sierra Hot Springs

Set on a 700-acre site on the edge of Tahoe National Forest, this hot-springs clothing-optional resort consists of an 1870s lodge and a rustic, clapboard hotel. The lodge features quirky, individually decorated rooms with shared bathrooms. Some rooms have dorm beds. The hotel is located a mile away and offers colorful rooms decorated with antiques. All rooms feature complimentary WiFi. Amenities include communal kitchens and a casual seasonal cafe, plus spa services and indoor and outdoor pools.

Cost: $360.

Celebrating First Jubilee: Dance Movement Workshop 10.0

Thursday, August 25, 2016 at 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Li's WhShu Academy
10268 Bandley Drive
Suite 107
Cupertino, CA

We are going to celebrate the first group anniversary - class number 10. Bring festive mood and expect nice surprises.

Special! Bring a friend and dance for free! If you bring a new paying workshop attendant, you do not have to pay for your attendance!

Dance movement is a therapeutic form of exercise which is great not only for physical health but also mental and emotional health. Music itself can be very powerful. It can affect our moods and our state of well-being by triggering memories and other emotional experiences. When dance or any movement is set to music it can create a stress relieving, joyful and sometimes healing moment for those involved as well as increasing/releasing endorphins in the brain.

Please join us for the dance movement therapy workshop in Cupertino, where we will explore different attributes of the emotional and physical well-being through set of the creative and fun exercises, mixed with the intervals, filled with free-form dancing.

Main benefits you may expect:
- Getting a good ability to express suppressed emotions
- Establishing a positive and rejuvenating connection with your body
- Improving general physical fitness and gross motor skills development
- Processing internal negative beliefs, improving confidence and self-esteem
- Encourages creativity and imagination
- Connecting others people on emotional level
- Creating a positive life outlook, addressing stressful life events and depressive episodes

Important notes:
- No partner or previous dancing experience necessary.
- Please try to be on time, as it is easier to “catch a waive” if you are present from the class beginning.
- Clothing: anything that would let you move freely.
- Shoes: dancing bare-feet is the best, but you can also use soft flat shoes. Please no outdoor shoes on the floor.
- There is plenty of parking near the studio. Follow the GPS guidance, however as soon as you turn to the parking lot from Bandley Drive, you need to drive around the building to find the Li's Wushu Academy Entrance at the back. There are no entrances from the front or sides of the building.

Workshop is led by Tanya Pekker, LMFT, Lic.# 51651

Cost:  Recommended donation $15 (cash, at the door).

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Training the Monkey Mind: A Mindfulness Workshop for Beginners

Monday, August 22, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (PDT)

San Francisco Natural Medicine
1615 20th Street,
San Francisco, CA 94107

Mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress, lower inflammation and is the missing link to your lifelong weight loss success.

What is mindfulness, how does it work exactly and how do I bring it into my everyday life? What is the true mind-body connection and how does all this work?

This evening workshop will explore several ways to you can begin your own mindfulness practice at home, at work or even while you are driving.

Join us at SF Natural Medicine /as we welcome 3 practitioners: a yogi, a meditation teacher and a medical doctor, to share their success stories, their clients’ successes and guide us through the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of mindfulness.

Together we will engage in several simple poses for lowering cortisol, activating our parasympathetic nervous system and reducing stress in the body.

This is for anyone who is curious about how the mind and body are truly connected in practice, or who has tried and failed at mindfulness approaches in the past. If you currently have a mindfulness practice you are welcome to attend but do keep in mind this class is for beginning practitioners.

Cost: $12

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