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Intimacy Magic Tantra Night

Friday, May 27, 2016 at 6:30 PM - 10 PM

The Heart Temple,
Mountain View, CA

Join us for one more evening of sweet mindful connection in presence and ritual to experience the juiciness of your being and the tingly aliveness of togetherness.

We will be dropping deeper into ourselves with embodied partner meditation, movement and chanting. You will learn how to create Sacred Space with a partner, a beautiful practice from Margo Anand's SkyDancing Tantra.

And you'll play with a few different partners practicing gentle and powerful Tantric rituals of connection. And for desert, we'll integrate by cuddling and resting together.

This is gender balanced clothing on event. For the gender balance to happen please register. So far every event I have put together sold out, so do register early. Facebook Yes's are not enough. You can come with a partner or partners and choose to stay with them the whole time, play with others or do any combination you choose. You are welcome to come as a single as well and play with others.

Cost: $30/person; $60/couple

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