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The Moon Inside the Womb – Workshop for Women in San Francisco

Saturday, June 18, 2016 at 1 PM - 5 PM

The Center SF
548 Fillmore St,
San Francisco, California 94117

From the ancient times women were creating sacred circles in their communities to share their knowledge, empower each other, honor mother earth, the moon cycles and the divine feminine.

This workshop brings to modern women the ancient wisdom and traditional rituals of the indigenous medicine women, regarding our circular nature, our womb healing and awakening through our menstruation consciousness which is totally connected to the moon phases.

It is based on the lunar biology of our bodies, our womb memory and its natural ability to transform the energy, let go our blood and create new life. We will explore the “sacred 4” cycles. 4 moon phases, 4 menstruation hormonal changes in our body, 4 seasons and 4 archetypes. Learn what qualities hide in each one, how to balance and understand these changes in order to be in sacred space every present moment and in tune with our true powerful nature.

What really means the menstruation? How these cycles are reflected in our everyday life, psychology and relations? How do we feel our womb? What means an imbalance? Are we comfortable with our sexuality? What about the menopause?

Through the Drum journey we enter in our womb subconscious space, heal and evoke our ancient cosmic memory. With singing, belly and whirling dance we embody, ground and celebrate our sacred feminine cyclical mystery!

Nature is our mother, teacher, mirror, from her we learn how to live in balance as multidimensional beings that we are. Reconnecting with her cycles and forces we awake our own powers, creativity and gifts. Recalling our ancestors’ wisdom is a good way to live our life in harmony and create a bright space for the future generations to come.

This is how our day together will unfold:
- opening sacred space – planting intensions
- releasing exercises – pair work
- menstruation and menopause
- moon phases, hormones, biopsychology, archetypes and rituals
- healing drum journey to the womb temple
- singing and dancing integration
- sharing - closing sacred space

Cost: $40 in advance, $50 at the door

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