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Erotic Devotion - A Day of Tantric Awakening

Saturday, June 4, 2016 from 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM (PDT)

Oakland Lakefront Penthouse
2122 Lakeshore Avenue,
Oakland, CA, United States

What is Erotic Devotion really?

How can we experience it, and how is it different from what we usually do in Tantra?

It is said that all our central longings are really the longing for God in disguise. This doesn't mean we wouldn't pursue those things as we're more deeply rooted in our spiritual core, it just means that the quality of longing would be different, and we'd engage our desires from a more fulfilled place, with more feeling of play, lightness of being, and generous tenderness.

Our erotic and relationship longings are among the most powerful and compelling, and are a guide to our core separation wounds, and to our own road home into more complete, lasting, and stable heart awakening. This shows up in how we see our partners, and how we hold our own inner experience in sacred erotic encounters. We can welcome and use everything we experience in erotic connecting to further our awakening. This may happen on it's own for skilled people, but we can learn to shift our attention and expectations to make more space for this awareness, which opens more emotional safety and insights, and allows for more healing and liberation from mild or strong triggered states.

Learn to create a container of Sacred Relationship, where all our dreams and longings for love can actually be fulfilled.

What to expect:

* This is a clothing-on event.
* Experiential exercises we do alone & with others.
* Raps on topics, group dialogue, & sharing.
* This event is appropriate for all experience levels.
* This is a highly pleasurable (ecstatic) event, with a focus on awakening & deep heart presence.
* This is not like other Tantra events you have been to. This is authentic work on awakening.

Come join us for a deep dive day into these mysteries, through self-exploration exercises and connecting with others, in a deeply heartfelt space of sacred safety and tribal community, where everyone is respected and at full choice. Culminating in a beautiful celebration of sensual heart connecting...

Cost: $100

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