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Pleasure Beyond Shame

Friday, June 17, 2016 at 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

360 5th St ,
San Francisco, CA

Although we all resonate with the concepts of free, uninhibited and diverse sexual expression we often struggle living our full erotic and personal potential because of the often unconscious claws of shame

Do you ever find yourself wondering:
- Is my body attractive enough?
- Am I big enough/ hard enough/ will I last long enough / will I be able to have an orgasm?
- Am I skillful enough or experienced enough to compare with my lover's past sexual partners?
- Is it ok to fully let myself enjoy being sexual?  Do I let myself be loving and intimate, as way naughty, raw and animalistic with my lovers?
 - Am I noticing ways in which cultural, ancestral or personal shame patterns limit the range of erotic expression I allow myself to experience and what flavors of eroticism and intimacy I am able to draw out/ evoke in my partners.
- Do I let myself receive as well give pleasure/ attention … or do I feel that I can only let myself receive so much before having to flip into 'giver mode' to 'balance out the scales'?

At this Meetup with psychotherapist and Dating Coach Meriana Dinkova and tantra teacher Salena Valentini through lecture and experiential exercises we will explore ways to identify and go beyond any conscious or unconscious shame imprints and free our deepest capacity for pleasure and uninhibited, joyous erotic and personal expression.

Singles and couples are welcome

Cost: $20-$35 sliding scale.

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