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Fearless Relating Panel + Cuddle Party

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM

4210 Holden Street,
Emeryville, CA

Join Monique Darling, Peter Petersen, Kelly Guava and other local pleasure revolutionaries as we co-lead a question and answer portion of the evening. YOU bring the questions... We will do our best to answer each and every one. What are you dying to know about dating and relationships? About life? What has you super curious, but there never seems an appropriate place to bring up your inquiry? This event is your chance! Ask away! And allow some authenticity and vulnerability when we sex geeks use our life's journeys and wisdom and courage (balls) to answer anything you throw our way.

Come and explore with us how to hold difficult conversations, understand the different love languages you and your loved ones might have as your filter of giving and receiving love, learn to communicate what is not being said in a way that will empower and connect you with others better. We will explore different modes of communication, verbal and nonverbal... and different relating styles, open relationships, agreements, flirting, transparency -- taking off your masks so that you can REALLY relate. Interspersing our favorite tools, and taking questions from the audience.

For all of you longing for more touch and cuddles......

We have got you covered....

Cuddle Party is a 3-hour workshop experience where participants engage in communication exercises, explore touch in a non-sexual space, experience personal exploration and intimacy, and have fun with likeminded friends from the community.

Nurturing and consensual loving touch is good for maintaining healthy blood pressure, a strong nervous system and a balanced emotional health. One’s ability to connect with and develop greater trust in others is emphasized during the group exchanges during Cuddle Party’s. Self-care is a cornerstone of Cuddle Party experience.

Cost: $32

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