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Exploring Therapeutic Shaking Workshop

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Cupertino, CA

Animals know how to de-stress themselves, and they do this by tremoring the muscles that have been used in the fight or flight response. May be, that is why humans are significantly more at risk of PTSD than wild animals, having more stress in their lives.

Welcome to the Core Healing Therapy group! This meetup will include some Therapeutic shaking lessons. Depending on the group we may learn unique ways to use the Therapeutic shaking.

For instance, there's the forgiveness rolodex. There's also incorporating it in with your meditation or breathing session. So many ways to take your daily practice to the next level!

What would you do if every moment of your life was stress free?

Bring yoga matt and we'll give it a shake.

If you're interested in learning what you can do to dramatically reduce anxious feelings, stress, moving on after a breakup with your significant other or your job or just stuck in life and want to add a few new lifetime tool to your toolbox, you won't want to miss this. 

Cost: Donations