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Sexual Energetics: Self-Love Mashup

Monday, June 13, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM (PDT)

4210 Holden Street,
Emeryville, CA

Expert sex educators, Lawrence Lanoff, Peter Petersen, and Monique Darling, bring their own unique perspectives from years of teaching inner inquiry, experiential exploration, and infinite curiosity into just how GOOD we can feel in our body. In this workshop, you will learn about sex energy, chakras, and creating safe space. You will also get a chance for an upfront and personal look at your own BS (belief systems) and a way to relearn through pleasure.

Have you had enough of feeling stuck in your life, or feeling a lack of laser focused inner confidence, or you just want to feel TRUE inner peace - the kind of thing that wells up from deep inside? Not because inner peace is a goal. But because you recognize true peace comes from UPGRADING your mind - which underlies every area of your life...

This is truly an entirely NEW way of thinking. It's a TOTAL life upgrade. Lawrence will share about the 5 games we are all playing in life..........

Look - we upgrade everything else... computers, phones, operating systems... But not our thinking - . Why? Because we literally cannot upgrade something that we do not even see as a problem. Have you ever seen somebody with an old piece of technology struggling through life? They certainly do not NEED to... but they do not know what they do not know. Our THINKING is exactly like that. It is based on old technology - that has to be upgraded if we are ever to see true change in the world. We are passionate about true change that starts from INSIDE.

The evenings will be filled with demonstrations, some hands on experiential learning (optional and low key), and really FUN theory that you can take home and impress your friends and loved ones. This event is intended to be sensual, and energetically sexual, but not physically sexual. As such, it is a clothing required event. All playful activities and exercises will be guided and are optional, and you can do the entire workshop by yourself or with a partner or in groups. You may also observe the entire workshop without any active participation.

Cost: $42 per person, $50 at the door

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