SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Medicine Buddha Empowerment

Saturday, June 18, 2016 at 10 AM - 5 PM

Kadampa Meditation Center San Francisco
3324 17th St,
San Francisco, California 94110

Medicine Buddha is the embodiment of all enlightened healing energy. The empowerment is a beautiful guided meditation through which we’ll receive the powerful blessings of this enlightened being.

During the commentary Gen Choma will explain the profound Tantric practice, known as self-generation, through which we awaken our own potential to become an enlightened healing Buddha. The empowerment will take place in the morning, followed by commentary and a guided Medicine Buddha meditation practice in the afternoon.

Medicine Buddha is a reflection of our own potential for enlightened healing. He shows us who we can become. Through his practice we can effect profound and lasting transformation of ourselves and others. We can become medicine for this world.

It is said that the power of this practice becomes greater as confusion and conflict in this world increase, so this practice is especially vital for us now.

Cost: $70

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