SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Cuddle Party for Women

Friday, June 10, 2016 at 7 PM - 10 PM

21020 Homestead Rd # B,
Cupertino, CA

Hi ladies!

This time cuddling is exclusively for you. Sean will be the only man to guide you through series of exercises, foot massage exchange and cuddling. Mixed cuddling will be in few weeks, so please gentlemen, don't RSVP.

Most people want to be held, and be the big or little spoon, some people just want to hold hands, some people just want an arm around them, some people have strong emotions come up, and some people just want silence and they want to snooze.

Everything is up to you and you have power to say YES or NO to anything, and 'maybe' we classify as NO!

Snack provided.

Cost: $15

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