SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

48 Hr Negativity Detox

June 24 – 26, 2016 (Friday – Sunday)

Woodside, CA

It is our absolute pleasure to welcome you to The Ego’s Code… 48 Hour Negativity Detox, with Clayton John Ainger and Special Guest Diane Hunter

Every day we all experience negativity! It is an unpleasant experience where many people feel overwhelmed, trapped and unable to move forward. It can also causes us to sabotage success, relationships, health, well-being and finances ultimately preventing you from fully experiencing the best of you, the best of your life and living your dreams.

Like you, Clayton has experienced challenges, hardship and negativity, sometimes to the point of incapacitation – from being unhealthy, overweight, enduring a career that made him unhappy, money problems, feeling unloved, unworthy, getting divorced, and being frightened by his spiritual gifts.  Through his own work, Clayton has developed a methodology to help you understand and to reverse the challenges, hardships and negativity you experience. Clayton's life has changes so significantly and dramatically that he wants to share his insights with you so that you can do the same for yourself.
Many of us perceive negativity as wrong, which can create polarity and great suffering.  We ignore it, avoid it, hide from it, or stuff it down. But it does not stay down for long, because spiritually, negativity is not negative. There is a divine spiritual reason for it. It has a meaning and a purpose!

During a meditation at Stonehenge, Clayton received clear and detailed guidance about why we experience negativity and how to be free of it.  Your personal form of negativity leaves clues and patterns for you everywhere. Clayton calls this The Ego's Code. All you have to do is notice your patterns, decipher them and use them to experience more happiness and joy in your life.

Clayton offers profound insights and understanding that will change old beliefs about the Ego and perceptions regarding negativity. He is so excited to share this with you. Join Clayton, and learn the spiritual reasons for your negativity, its purpose and where it comes from. Clayton will explain with solutions, the effect on the physical body, the mind, how it interacts with spirit and impacts on your life.
You are invited to meet your spirit guides, release your negativity, to change your reality, so that you can live your dream life.

Cost: $420 - $670