SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

FLOW! Conscious Dance, Potluck & Getting Real Salon

Saturday, March 11, 2017 at 5 PM - 10 PM

Foster City, California

Please join Dave Hurwit & Michele Fabrega on Saturday, March 11, for an evening of conscious relating and conscious dance in Foster City, CA.

5 PM - 7 PM: Getting Real Salon (limit 20 people)
7 PM - 8 PM: Potluck (Please bring a potluck item to share)
8 PM - 10 PM: FLOW! Conscious Dance (limit 50 people)

We’d love you to join for the full event. You’re also welcome to attend just the Salon or the Dance, along with the potluck if desired.

Please RSVP by selecting “Going” AND private message Dave or Michele whether you are attending “Both,” “Salon,” or “Dance.”

Note: There are multiple event listings; you only need to RSVP to one.

FLOW! is a conscious movement practice and exploration that encourages you to express yourself freely and completely in each moment - where you, the dance, and other dancers merge into one constantly-evolving connected creative flow. There are no steps to learn; you can’t get it wrong. Your whole being is welcomed and honored. You are free to focus inward and have your own experience or consciously engage with others. All of this is part of the FLOW!

I mix a wide variety of music (not just electronic and trance!) along with dynamic lighting to create an auditory and visual journey. While there is no talking on the dance floor, there is a separate area for talking, eating and community time. Feel free to move back and forth as desired.

There will be a brief closing circle for people to share what is present for them.

Getting Real Salon (facilitated by Michele Fabrega)

Do you want to feel more connection in your relationships? Come practice Getting Real so you can learn to communicate more skillfully for deeper intimacy.

When we relate with transparency and authenticity instead of hiding our true feelings, we feel more relaxed and at ease. We aren't wasting energy constructing a facade and can instead feel more accepting of what is. Furthermore, others feel relaxed around us and can trust us because we are not running a hidden agenda. When we are open with each other, we feel connected at a deeper level.

For this event, we'll have structured exercises, including cards from Dr. Susan Campbell's Getting Real and Truth in Dating games, to practice relating with transparency and authenticity. In addition, I created a special deck of cards that focuses on relationships.

Combined event - $35
Getting Real Salon - $20
FLOW! Conscious Dance - $20