SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

New Alchemy Spinning Class

Monday, October 10, 2016 at 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

2273 Telegraph Ave,
Oakland, California 94612

These classes are an invitation to explore and deepen our Alchemy Spinning practice –a powerful and yet accessible somatic modality at the intersection of mindfulness.

Whirling, rather than being a goal or a destination, becomes a spiral journey towards greater body wisdom, self-expression and self-knowledge.

For years, Raquel Boluda, has been exploring the whirling dances of the world to understand and distill their benefits, and to connect these with other disciplines and somatic wisdom traditions. The result is a truly unique discipline that bridges the somatic and the transpersonal realms, and that opens up new frontiers of discovery to professional dancers, dance lovers and novices alike.

The core of the practice is the connection between the Heaven and Earth that gets established through our spinal column. This becomes a gateway to experience a state of expanded consciousness and, simultaneously, a state of complete presence.

In our practice we will use different forms of dance, movement, breath work, meditation, and contemplative art making.

This practice is open to people of all ages, levels, and physical conditions, as each person will be encouraged to find their own edges for somatic exploration on their own terms.

Cost: Free