SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Astral Projection Meditation

Sunday, October 9, 2016 at 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Live Lotus
556 North 1st Street #3
San Jose, CA 95112

Astral Projection (OOBE) is an ancient gnosis of the immortality of one's consciousness through projection of the astral body. The spirit is eternal and boundless, the ability, once honed is a beacon of travel left only to the mind.

Below is an overview of the Astral Projection Meditation Workshop:
* Brainwave States
* 7 Planes of Consciousness
* Inhabitants of the Astral World
* The Akashic Records & how one obtains access
* Lucidity Awareness Methods
* Chakra Dictations & Blockages
* ACC 6 Step Astral Projection System

“Close your eyes and let the mind expand. Let no fear of death or darkness arrest its course. Allow the mind to merge with Mind. Let it flow out upon the great curve of consciousness. Let it soar on the wings of the great bird of duration, up to the very Circle of Eternity." — The Emerald Tablet Of Hermes & The Kybalion: Two Classic Books on Hermetic Philosophy

Cost: $77.77