SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

2016 SF Bodypainting Day

Sunday, October 23, 2016 at 11:00 am to 03:00 pm

San Francisco Ferry Building, 1 Ferry Bldg,
San Francisco, United States

Talented artists from around the world will paint over 50 nude models of all shapes and sizes to promote free artistic expression, body acceptance & human connection through art.

Bodypainting Day is not a protest. It's a celebration!
The theme for 2016 is "Inner Beauty".
It is free and open to the public. It is for the public.
We hope to see you there.

2016 Bodypainting Day cities include New York City, Amsterdam, Brussels and San Francisco.

WHY? For the greater good. To promote human connection through art. To share the unique voice of the artist with the public. To accept each other and ourselves in all of our various shapes and sizes.

The ARTISTS share their voice with the public. So often, the artists’ skills are in full view, but their voices are hidden, promoting a product or focusing on sales. Bodypainting Day is a non-commercial event that focuses on the artists’ voice. This year’s theme “Inner Beauty” challenges artists to seek what is on the inside of their model to inspire a painting on the outside.

Bodypainting Day gives MODELS the opportunity to embrace themselves and to use their bodies to become living art. Unlike what people might expect from a body painting event, the models are ordinary people, ranging in age, size and gender. Models take great pride standing in public as they are. By holding the event as a full nude event, we remove the shame often associated with our bodies and show the distinction between nudity and sexuality.

And the PUBLIC gets to see all types of bodies, which is rare in itself, but is especially important since the perception of the human form is twisted by advertising and the media, which is the source of anxiety for so many of us. It is also an opportunity to see in person, the artistic process of many artists all at once, each with their own unique approach. And most importantly, it’s an opportunity to connect with each other through art.

Cost: Free