SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Swingposium: A Tribute to Big Band Music & Dance at Camp

Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 8 PM - 9:30 PM

Wesley United Methodist Church
566 N 5th St,
San Jose, California 95112

San Jose Taiko, Epic Immersive, and Wesley Jazz Ensemble team up to present Swingposium: Big Band Music and Dance at Camp, which brings tribute to Japanese-Americans involved in swing music and dance during WWII Internment Camps.

“Swingposium is essentially a dance as opposed to a concert” says San Jose Taiko Artistic Director Franco Imperial. “The intention is to celebrate the amazing people who, in the midst of being incarcerated, turned to music and dance as a means of survival. We’ve invited Epic Immersive to help craft a dynamic environment for the audience. This is not a typical show where you sit and passively observe.”

Epic Immersive CEO and Founder Steve M. Boyle explains, “Epic Immersive creates immersive theatrical experiences - 360-degree live fictional worlds with stories that run through them. There are storylines like with a movie or a play, but instead of sitting in a seat, guests are part of the experience’s universe. In this case, guests will be transported to a swing dance hall at a WWII internment camp. There they’ll dance, meet new people, be guided through a narrative, and experience from the inside one of the great, beautiful, under-told, and uplifting stories of the Japanese American internment camps.”

Cost: Free