SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Practice of Meditation and Picnic: Free Event

Sunday, June 11, 2017 at 11 AM - 5 PM

Dzogchen Community West Coast
2748 Adeline St, Ste D,
Berkeley, California 94703

Join us for Sunday meditation trip to lake Chabot. Goal of this event is to create stronger friendship between members of Dzogchen Community, to welcome some new people & of cause to practice meditation.

In our program:
•             1 hour hike. We will walk 30 min down from the parking lot and at the end of the event 30 min back to the cars.
•             A few sessions of meditation
•             Picnic & communication

Topics for our discussion and practice of meditation

•             Position of the body
•             Breathing
•             Calm state
•             One pointed concentration
•             Emptiness and movement
•             Concentration on external objects
•             Concentration on internal objects
•             Non-dual state of the mind
•             Nature of the mind.

This event is open for public. Nevertheless, please no kids. We will need quite environment to practice meditation.

What to bring:
•             Cushion for meditation or yoga mat to set on the ground.
•             Water
•             Your preferred food and drink.
•             Hat & sunblock

Cost: Free