SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Family Constellations in San Jose

Saturday, June 17, 2017 at 4:45 PM to 7:00 PM

Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Ave,
San Jose, CA

When we have tried to change something and haven’t been successful, it is often because it is serving a purpose for our Family System. It is impossible to understand and heal this unless we are able to “see the entanglements” in our Family System. We are able to do this through the Family Constellation.

Doing a Family Constellation can help you in many ways! For example, it can help you with:

* Your personal relationships 
* Your professional life 
* Your health 
* To take an important decision 
* To understand a specific situation 
* To be successful and have abundance

Come and join us in the meeting of the New Family Constellations! You don’t need prior experience with Family Constellations to join.

In this meeting, we will first have a small introduction and then we will continue with an exercise where everyone will be able to participate, learn and benefit. Then we will do one or two constellations.

It is not necessary for your family to be present to do a Family Constellation. The other participants will represent the members of your family needed to do a constellation. The less they know about your family, the better.

Cost: $10