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Women's Empowerment Through Ritual & Ceremony: An Introduction

Saturday, January 28, 2017 at 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST

Innate Sense
1275 Lincoln Avenue
Suite 4B
San Jose, CA 95125

For thousands of years indigenous women have been connected to the powers of the earth mother and all her relations. They have walked in balance & understood their connectedness to their environment & everything around them. As we have adapted to modern society, women have forgotten their connection to the sacred feminine and all the magic she brings.

The Time for Our Remembering is Upon Us.

We are all being asked to answer the call and stand in our power as divine goddesses. Come join us as we remember our sacred connection to the earth mother and the divine within.

In this 4-hour workshop, you will be (re)-introduced to working with the sacred mother, her medicine ways and the ancient tools she offers her daughters.

Durning this experiential teaching, participants will be Introduce to:
·         Creating Sacred Space
·         Sacred Plants, Feathers, Stones and the Elements
·         Working with Seasons
·         Sacred Geometry: The Medicine Wheel
·         Power of Your Words and Prayer
·         Forgiveness
·         Working with Energy: The Heart Breath Meditation
·         Shamanic Journey Work

Cost: $98

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