SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Gender & Sexuality Expansion and Exploration Lab

Monday, January 9, 2017 at 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM PST

Emeryville, CA 94608

Gender and sexuality, for many, are more complex and fluid than we can imagine. With doors opening up throughout the world for freer gender, love, and sexual expression, we're asking ourselves deep questions about who we are and who we could be.

Despite this, it can be intimidating to step into these inquiries. Our society often doesn't make room for exploration; there are few intentional spaces set aside for questioning, let alone embodying the process of trying on new selves.

In this workshop, you'll be in a container set by veteran gender and sexuality explorers designed to give you space to question assumptions and binaries, to feel into the possibilities, and to express and experience all of who you are with others who are doing the same.

Through a mix of guided exercises and creative lab time, you'll be encouraged to externalize and fully embody this inner journey in a supportive environment, in a space where these acts are seen as both play and as deeply sacred.
·         Experiment with gender expression and flirt with new attraction possibilities in a low-pressure, high-support environment
·         Come try on new selves in intentional, celebratory space: Bring any clothes, accessories, adaptive gear, and/or makeup that you'd like to try out
·         Use sensory toys to sink into your experience and learn more about what each part of you desires
·         Interact with other explorers from different facets of your inner self
·         Learn how to feel and transform your energetic body to experience new sensations
·         Gain greater control over dissonance between your energetic body, your sense of self, and your physical body
·         Play with combinations of masculine, feminine, yin, yang, and queered/non-binary energies (with a sampling of Monique Darling's famous energetic sex framework)
·         Discover new aspects of yourself through both experiential, embodied play and guided introspection, with plenty of time for experimenting with and discussing your discoveries
·         Explore your inner self and expand your possibilities!

Facilitators: Alex S. Morgan, Monique Darling, and Peter Petersen.

Cost: $30/single; $50/couple