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Free Motoki Introduction (skills session and presentation)

Saturday, January 7, 2017 at 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Sunnyvale, CA

Moto-Ki is a modern form of the ancient practices. The literal translation of "Moto" is "base", "foundation", "the cause", or "origin". Moto-Ki is the art of using a strong connection to ground to bring up powerful earth energy and project it. Originally it was feared to be too powerful. Once it was blended with universal energy practices the added spiritual connection provided a stronger level of safety and ethical behavior.

For those new to the methods of Motoki, this introduction will provide you with a powerful example of its practical applications. You will practice power forms of grounding, deflecting, and projecting energy.

After the skills session, we will open it up for discussion and demonstration of energy manipulation in relation to intuitive work as well as healing methods.

We will complete the event with an outline of the formal training curriculums for Motoki Certification.

Cost: Free

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