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REVEAL - A Professional Woman's Path from Invisible to Invincible

Friday, January 27, 2017 at 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM PST

1001 Page Mill Road
Denali Room
Palo Alto, CA 94304

You’re an intelligent, motivated, competent woman, but… Behind closed doors, sometimes you feel like an invisible. You’re not alone. Many accomplished women, just like you, face the world with power. Yet, secretly they feel unseen or unsatisfied. There’s a reason for this paradox. And a way to resolve it.

The first step lies in understanding that if you feel invisible it means that somewhere along the way you agreed to hide.

The places you hide are exactly where your untapped power is waiting for you. For example, do you hide your emotions? Your tears, your anger, your fear or your passion? This is very common among women.

You often hide the truth of how you feel because you believe it is:
ü  unacceptable
ü  inappropriate
ü  unprofessional

Or, you fear rejection or ridicule.

Your power rides on the current of our emotions. When you learn to relate to your feelings with wisdom, you gain access to a power that was buried, yet always available.

This workshop is a special evening for women. My intention is to create a safe space for you to begin discovering where you’ve been hiding, and how to change your relationship to fear so that being seen becomes a liberating and joyful experience.

Many times we can’t see our hiding places because we have blind spots. Once you see what you couldn’t see, and come out of hiding, the path is revealed to the very dreams that have eluded you.
Join me to learn how coming out of hiding can help you realize your greatest aspirations:
ü  Become stronger in your capacity to be seen and stand in your worth with work and career
ü  Get to the root of what keeps you from having the relationships you most wish for - personally and professionally.
ü  Transform discontent with your body, low self-worth, loneliness and other inner-world struggles.
ü  Learn a life-changing tool to begin revealing your hidden power now.
ü  Discover what being invincible with yourself, your relationships, and your work looks and feels like.

Facilitator: Sonia Miller

Cost: $200; 2 for $250

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