SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Glow Sword Battle S.F. 2016

Friday, December 16, 2016 at 8 PM - 11 PM

601 Mission Bay Blvd N,
San Francisco, California 94158

Join us for a massive glowing sword battle in San Francisco. Pick a side, good or evil and use a glowing sword to fight in the ultimate nocturnal showdown. For every $10 you contribute, we will reserve one glow sword for you. Each glow sword changes up to 6 colors, is about 3' long, and you will be able to pick them up at the event, or have them shipped to your house (coming soon.)

SWORD RESERVATION LINK (in-person pickup only): https://www.glowbattletour.com/products/6-color-glow-sword-san-francisco

This year's venue is an amazing new park and will feature food trucks, a licensed area, and music. We will start to gather at 8:00, split into two sides a little after 9:00, and the battle will begin. Glow on!

Q: Who is Newmindspace?
Newmindspace produces free, fun events around North America, including 5000-person pillow fights, giant games of Capture the Flag, and huge bubble battles. They were founded in 2005 and exist to reclaim public space and make "living installations" using favorite childhood activities and thousands of people.

Q: Is there an age limit?
A: No! We welcome participants of all ages at this event. You can bring your kids and grandparents.

Q: Do we get to keep the swords we reserve afterward?
A: Yes!

Q: Can I bring my UltraSaber/SaberForge/Parksaber/FX without reserving one of yours?
A: Totally!

Q: How much are your glowing swords?
A: $10 plus handling, $5 early bird.

Cost: Free