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Authentic Sexual Connection with Alex S. Morgan & Monique Darling

Sunday, January 1, 2017 at 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM PST

Oakland, CA

How do you create new sexual connections without being fake, cheesy, or inauthentic?

How do you find your authentic sexual self—and invite it out to connect and play?

Sexual connections between people who are coming from their core are incredibly hot and truly magic, whether they're for a night or for a lifetime. But how do you reveal yourself and your desires—and how do you ask someone else to meet you there?

Sex and intimacy coach Alex S. Morgan and authenticity and vulnerability teacher Monique Darling will guide you through the process of finding and staying true to your most real self, clearly naming your in-the-moment desires, and taking the pressure out of flirtation so that it can be fun again—all while helping you create sexual play that lets two (or more!) people truly connect.

Tonight, you'll learn and get to practice:
ü  How to identify your authentic sexual self
ü  How to drop your mask—or paint a new one that can express more of who you truly are!
ü  Being courageously vulnerable without being "too much"
ü  Why nervous tension can be a good thing (and how to keep it an amusement park ride, not a scary movie)
ü  Flirting and connecting from your authentic sexual self to theirs
ü  Holding an open heart without strings or attachment to outcome
ü  How to have needs without being "needy"
ü  And most importantly... how to let go of the awkwardness and remember how to play!

You'll get to try out these skills and tips as you learn them through interactive exercises. All interactive touch is optional and fully negotiable. This workshop is also fully clothed, although you're welcome to join us for the all-gender, all-orientation Play Party Bliss following the workshop to practice your new skills in a safe, welcoming space with yummy people.

Cost: $20