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ScalarPrana: Energy Cultivation for Self-Healing Workshop

Sunday, November 20, 2016 at 9 AM - 5 PM

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Fremont Milpitas
42200 Albrae St,
Fremont, California 94538

Take this one-day course and learn to heal yourself!

-Cultivate and harness Scalar energy within your body to renew and strengthen physical and energetic patterns
-Experience transformation of consciousness
-Detoxify and revitalize the physical body to make it healthier
-Develop emotional stability and mental clarity
-Awaken and activate the Scalar energy zones
-Special meditation to stimulate the body's self-healing mechanism, boost energy and facilitate circulation
-Boost self-empowerment

SCALAR & PRANA: A power-packed fusion of 2 natural universal energies that activate your body's innate healing intelligence & accelerate the healing process. No drugs! No surgery! Safe touch-free therapy!

Instructor: FE PACHECO is the founder of the ScalarPrana Therapeutic System and the author of ScalarPrana Primer: The Human Energy System. With over 25 years of experience in alternative energy healing modalities, she has been teaching and conducting energy healing workshops in Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, London, Ireland, France, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Australia, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and her home country, the Philippines.

Cost: $200

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