SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

14th Thanksgiving Contact Improv Intensive w Karl Frost

November 25 –27, 2016 (Friday – Sunday)

Finnish Kaleva Hall
1970 Chestnut St,
Berkeley, California 94702

The technical work cultivates efficiency, kinesthetic pleasure, and physical safety in contact as well as fluid speed and power. A recurring theme is the ability to calmly sense with more somatic detail in more “frames per second” … to sense and to be able to act creatively and functionally on what is sensed.

Art and felt meaning in the dance are the subjects of physical poetics.

While our path will be discovered as we go, you can expect…
-A balance of study and abandon, tight investigations and open questions
-Contact vocabulary: novel lifts and mechanical details
-Explorations of release technique and the “passive sequencing” work
-Questioning ‘meaning’ and poetry of the body
-States of awareness and experiments in mind/body relationship
-The possibility of intentionality and composition juxtaposed with the impossibility of control of meaning and motion.
-The dance both as a physical process and as the poetic interplay of two experiencing beings.
-The interplay of open discovery and compositional intention as experiment and deliberate provocation to novel experience.
-Body work, Mind work, pleasure, intellect, and a fair bit of sweat.

Karl Frost has been teaching and performing contact and related work in body-based creative process for the over 20 years. He is known internationally for his dynamic and articulate movement style, his rigor in physical research and teaching, and for the edge-pushing nature of his work in both practice and performance. His work, influenced by studies in contemporary release technique, Alexander technique, and martial arts, has been showcased across the states, Canada, Europe, South America, and Israel. His performances take the body and emotionally and physically felt experience as their reference points.

Cost: $260 - $400