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Root Chakra Circle: Chakra Inspiration Series (for Consciously Creative Women)

Friday, November 4, 2016 at 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Palo Alto, California

Inspired by the recent circles of creative women Hemla Makan-Dullabh and Lottie Ryan have hosted here in Silicon Valley, we have listened to your requests and created the first in our Chakra Inspiration Series for Consciously Creative Women. A sacred day spent in a circle of women who are open to exploring more deeply their creative Being.

Drawing on the needs of the Root Chakra (Sanskrit name: Muladhara) for inspiration, we have created a safe space for you to connect with your divine feminine. A space in which you will relax, and dive into deep personal exploration around the important foundations for your creativity.

We invite you to fully connect with, harness and value your creative knowledge, skills, talent, ideas and desires. Together we will explore the importance of self-care, love and forgiveness, so you can fully tap in and further develop your creative expression/s.

We will create a sacred space for you, filled with music, fragrance, art, meditation, and connected conversation to take you on a journey of self-discovery.

We will support you to put down strong roots through a variety of fun, enlightening exercises and deeply connected experiences within yourself and with the women in the circle.

At the end of our time together you will:
∞ Have a deeper understanding of how to love yourself fully and honorably with integrity and without guilt.
∞ Know what you need to add, put into place, or change, to be fully supportive of yourself in order to create.
∞ Be Inspired and motivated to move forward in your creative endeavors.
∞ Own a deep sense of connection with yourself, mother nature, the Divine Feminine and the beautiful friendships you create within our circle.
∞ Feel relaxed, at peace with and excited about your creative desires, ideas and callings.
∞ Know that you’re ready to build on what you already have or are doing, and further creating from a space of knowing.
∞ Have connections and friendships with women who “get it’ and are open to sharing their love, knowledge and support with you.
∞ Receive worksheets and information to support you to expand on what you learn during our time together.

Cost:  $85 (snacks, lunch and materials included).

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