SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Hathara Sound Healing: Deep States - The Sound of Your Light

Friday, November 18, 2016 at 8 PM - 10 PM

Yoga Flow SF
385 Ashton Ave,
San Francisco, California 94112

An experiential workshop designed to provide you with the tools for self-healing through sound, with intentions to help you find and listen to the sound of your inner light and higher self.

Silvina Vergara channels melodies that transport and guide participants on a healing soul journey.

Her work emphasizes the importance of accessing deep states of consciousness to transform emotions, change perceptions, and create new realities. Learn specific and easy to use techniques for accessing higher spiritual awareness utilizing brain oxygenation, and pineal gland activation. Reawaken your inner wisdom, cultivate profound awareness, and gain valuable tools in this transformational session of sound, meditation, and body movement.

What to expect in the workshop:
- Explore your inner light through sound
- Release old patterns and emotions
- Connect to your intuition and body innate wisdom
- Reawaken to you natural Creative Potential and personal expression
- Awakening spiritual ecstasy for deep inner work
- Release stuck emotions
- Attune the body resonate with your truth

What to bring and be prepared for:
- Be ready to do breath work and meditate, as well as move the body in dance and ecstatic movement!
- Wear comfortable, light clothing that you can sit and move freely in, and bring water to hydrate because the room tends to be a bit warm and we will be moving the body at the end of class.
- And you are welcome to bring your drums, and any other instruments you have that you feel would resonate with this workshop.

Cost: $20 - $25