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Self Love Mashup with Monique Darling and Kelly Guava

Monday, March 14, 2016 from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM (PDT)

4210 Holden St,
Emeryville, CA 94608

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Loving yourself unconditionally might be the one thing that is holding you back from living fully and in full expression. Come join us for a heart opening evening where your belief systems and choices get re-examined and rewritten.

How many times do you find yourself holding back because of what someone else or the world might think? How would you like to rewire your neural pathways for pleasure instead of pain, shame, blame, self-loathing and fear? How much energy do we lose by holding on to shameful moments, and how much of ourselves do we spend in clutching onto our guilt ridden conscience?

Tonight, Kelly Guava and Monique Darling are going to take you on a journey...

We will provide a safe place where everyone will get to see each other with new eyes. Through sight, breath, touch, sound, scent, taste, Soulful Communication and energetic expansion, you will open your heart and surrender to bliss filled ecstasy.

Then will you begin to connect with wonder, curiosity, and deep awareness, celebrating the divine presence within us all. You will have delightful fun exploring deep within yourself and others.

Join us for sacred exploration of this force in a fun environment! This get-together will include extremely powerful boundary-setting practices, then exercises to help us bond, practice surrender, and play like children. Dive deep into your senses. Tune in to your body. Integrate your playful and sensuous sides. Enter a world of visual delight, delicious aroma, mouthwatering pleasure, sensuous touch, and healing sound. Dive deep into your authenticity. Extend your awareness and your ability to listen to your body.

Through deep interactive and experiential theory, through many different paired and mini group activities, different scenarios to get you in touch with where self-judgment, shame, are coming up in your life and ways you can embrace it, express it and ultimately accept and love YOU.

Cost: $37 - $42

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