SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Self-Revelatory Performance – Free Workshop

Thursday, March 24, 2016 @ 7:00pm to 10:00pm

830 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA, 94710 United States

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This is a chance to experience the healing power of improvised personal story. It is a sacred act to tell a life-story. It is a sacred act to witness one. Solo performances are filled with heart, passion, and the depth of personal story. Groups take part on an improvisational journey and then take the next step in being witnessed by a heart-centered audience. Solo performances are 10- 20 minutes each with witnessing from the audience.

In self-revelatory performance, the actor crafts an original theatre piece that explores, grapples with, and aspires towards healing a current life-challenge. Unlike autobiographical theatre, which focuses more on recounting life experience, self-revelatory performance involves real-time "working through" of psychological wounds. The actor uses drama therapy methods (such as portraying parts of the self) in creating the piece and within the performance itself. The immediacy and authenticity of self-rev performances makes them compelling and moving theatre that often strikes universal chords in audience members.

A very powerful experience!

Bring your heart. Performance is free.