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Asking For What You Want in the Bedroom and Beyond

Saturday, April 2, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (PDT)

Terra's Temple
3051 Adeline Street
Berkeley, CA 94703

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Everyone says the way to mind blowing sex is to communicate. But, how do you do that when you do not even know, what the options are, how to talk about it or how it will be received?

The challenge of asking for what you want starts within: knowing what you want, feeling like it’s okay or safe to ask for it, knowing literally the words to use for the things you want, and having a good way to get it across to your partner without hurting feelings or missing the point.

Most of us never learned how to tell what we really want in bed, much less how to talk about it openly and honestly. Even if you’ve been in a sex-positive environment for a while, taking the risk in that bare moment of vulnerability can, at best, be super awkward, and at worst, still seem impossible.

In this practical, immediately useful workshop, you will learn basic and advanced skills for identifying what really turns you on and asking for it, so that you are WAY more likely to get it. You will discover:
* What is stopping you from asking for what you want — and your own custom recipe for what to do about it
* How to create a space with your partner, where you both can literally ask for anything, you want — without stressing your relationship
* How to communicate exactly how you want to be touched, turned-on and titillated — and what to do when your partner does not get it right at first
* Quick-n-dirty ways to tell right away if you should keep going when you are feeling unsure about something (without having to sidetrack into tons of processing)
* The secret to solving those annoying “I don’t know… what do YOU want to do?” desire traps (This one opens up a completely new world of play and possibility that will rock your world!)
* Tons of ways to share what excites you — and find out what lights up your partner — with and without using many words

In addition, you will get plenty of practice with new ways of asking and learn a handful of easy games to guide you in the bedroom. Last, but not least, you will leave knowing how to create your own custom menu of sexy activities, of what gets you hot and bothered.

Note: This is a clothing-on, non-sexual, communication workshop. Rated R for language, rated PG for activities.

Cost: $150/person; $225/couple

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