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Mt. View Connect & Cuddle Party Hosted by DEEP Connect

Thursday, March 31 at 7 PM - 9 PM

2560 Fayette Drive
Mountain View, CA

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Touch is the universal language for love, safety, and community. Hugging is the vehicle for touch and cuddling is like a hug on steroids. There is no safer, more comfortable, fun way to cuddle than with your DEEP Connect advocates Rachael & Lyubov by your side guiding your experience in Mountain View.

This party is for 1-st timers and advanced cuddlers. All are welcome.


FUN getting to know each other exercises. A short meditation for grounding to release nervousness and stress from the day. Using Cuddling to Impact Your Life by Setting an Intention Instructions. Creating the Cuddle Container demonstration including rules, boundaries, and permission asking.


Cuddling drops us in our bodies and heart center, where men and women connect with ease leaving every worry, resentment, and hurt behind.

Cuddling is the art of embracing someone with permission and being in the moment. Think of cuddling as a very long hug. In this moment of embrace, there are no expectations, agenda, or responsibility other than to be with your feelings and others.

Cuddle Connects are important in developing deep connection with other people because this is where limiting beliefs are gently nourished out of your body at a much faster pace than just hearing information. It is as if our body uses skin contact to reprogram our body in a gentle loving miraculous way.

Cuddle Connect expedites the healing process and makes your desires come to you at a more rapid pace. After cuddling, you will likely feel more peaceful, at ease, and have an unexplainable contentment.

Cost: $20 (Pay here or in person: http://paypal.me/deepconnect)

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