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SF Bouffon Intensive with Naked Empire Bouffon Company

November 21 -23, 2015 (Saturday – Monday)

43 Dore St
San Francisco, CA 94103

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Bouffon (English originally from French: "farceur", "comique", jester") is a modern French theater term that was re-coined in the early 1960s by Jacques Lecoq at his L'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris to describe a specific style of performance work that has a main focus in the art of mockery.

Artistic Director, Nathaniel Justiniano, is offering his award-winning, weekend-long Bouffon Intensive. This is a crash course in bouffon performance with the only company in the United States exclusively dedicated to the research and performance of bouffon.

Saturday, November 21st 10a - 6p
Sunday, November 22nd 10a - 6p
Monday, November 23rd 6p - 10p

The appetite of the bouffon is singular: To play with what society has to hide. The bouffon does not judge. With a no-holds-barred relationship with the audience, they are a dangerously perceptive fun house mirror of us all. Why? Because it is fun. The bouffon uses mockery, wit, and parody. They dance beautifully and are grotesquely obscene in the same moment. Why practice bouffon? To practice facing life head on. To undermine apathy. To acknowledge the tragedies we share, the shame we hide, and the beauty of acceptance. This is an athletic, intensely physical form of comedic performance that demands the in-the-moment engagement of your intellect and imagination. We welcome performers of all skill levels and interests. Actors with limited experience in physical theater or devising are especially encouraged to participate because this work has a powerful impact on one's freedom and creativity. The poetic dexterity and incisive play that we cultivate in this intensive is immediately applicable to any process involving scripted theater, dance, performance art, activism and beyond.

If this resonates with you, we would love for you to join us.

What you will be learning and practicing:

* Finding your personal bouffon
* Entering into and creating within a state of ecstatic play
* Choral, movement-based improvisation
* Mercurial acting techniques for shape-shifting between characters of heightened text and grace to those of base, groveling goblin prophets
* Audacious and confrontational status play with the audience
* Wielding stillness and silence like a scalpel
* Parodying social maladies and hypocrisies
* Ramshackle techniques for on-the-fly costume creation

Cost: By November 6th: $200; by November 13th: $225; after November 13th: $250

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