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Hogwarts 2-day Playshop: Handling Holiday Sh*tstorms Dumbledore-style

November 21-22, 2015 (Saturday - Sunday)

Rudramandir: A Center for Spirituality and Healing
830 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94710

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* Discover and manifest your Patronus
* Find the Room of Requirement in an instant
* Tame monstrous relatives into friendly ferrets
* Reference your own personal Divination tool
* Escape without broomstick or floo powder

Real skills based in Nonviolent Communication, Energy Work, Mindfulness, and more, that happen to mirror Hogwarts techniques. Disarm a range of characters from the Malfoys, to Peeves, and of course Grandpa Voldemort.

Leave with proven tricks, a Book of Spells, and a list of fellow empathic wizards (optional) to call when the fire-breathing dragons approach.

Cost: $150/day; $270/full

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