SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

White Tantra Snuggle Puja and Play

Sunday, February 26, 2016 at 5:30 PM - 10:30 PM

4210 Holden St.,

It's a sweet Tantra puja and (first-base) play party where we gather to share heart-based sensual connection through eye-gazing, soulful communication, conscious touch, gentle massage, cuddling, and running tantric energy. It's a drug and alcohol-free party where we can relax and connect with like-minded people. Singles, couples, polysensuals, and all sexual orientation are welcome. Most importantly, this is a laboratory to deepen sensual pleasure, practice expressing what feels good and what doesn't, making requests to tickle your sensual fantasies, and maintaining clear boundaries that allow you to relax and know you are totally held in your Yes and in your No Thank You. This is a gender balanced event.

5:30pm Doors Open, Mix Mingle, Light Snacks,
6:00pm Orientation and connection games (doors close. No one is admitted past this time)
6:45pm White Tantra Puja
7:30pm Guided sensual experiences
8:15pm Self-directed snuggle & sensual play
9:45pm-10:00pm Closing Circle
10:00pm-10:30pm Chill & Mingle

Facilitator: Katrina Vaillancourt

$40 Single Male
$30 Single Female
$65 Couple (Male/Female)
$85 Triad (1 Male/2 Females, or 3 Females)