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The Sacred Art of Flirtation

Monday, February 13, 2017 at 7 PM - 10 PM

4210 Holden Street,

Welcome to my playground to explore the Fine Art of Sacred Flirtation. My philosophy of flirtation has been honed over my last 30 years on this planet, and I am so excited to share it with you! This philosophy was inspired many years ago by a very wise friend of mine who said that true Flirtation was the "Art of Attention, without Intention." In other words, if you have intent, or an ulterior motive in interacting with someone... (such as to get into their pants), then that is the art of Seduction, not Flirtation. This is a very different game, with a different set of rules and it carries a very different energy. In seduction, the attachment to outcome frequently leaves words and gestures feeling empty and devoid of caring. When someone is playing the game of Seduction, they will often withdraw their attention the minute they realize that the object of their desire is not interested, so that they can find a new target who might be more likely to say yes. This sudden abandonment can be jarring and uncomfortable. No wonder the singles scene often makes people feel more disconnected and alone, rather than bringing people together.

I advocate for a different approach: one of Connection, and about personal Presence. What if your flirtatious interactions could be about the Other, and not about yourself? What if you could approach another beautiful human soul from the place of really being dropped in and present with them... in your Heart instead of your Head? How much more fulfilling would it be to care more about making the other person feel wonderful than about what you might get from the interaction? What if you could just be fully present in the moment, and experience deep connection with another being without being in your head, thinking about how to appear witty, or what you could say next? To be present with your partner, your friend, or your new acquaintance in the Now, rather than in your head or on a device?

How will this change the quality of all your relationships if you can come into every conversation from this heart space? This is the embodiment that I want to explore with you though this magical evening of play, using experiential activities and connection exercises infused with Tantra, as well as some Kundalini Yoga exercises led by Amelia Windriver to get us into our bodies.

Facilitator: Katherine L Potter

Cost: $20

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