SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Heart Opening Evening Puja & A Day of Intimacy

February 10-11, 2017 (Friday – Saturday)

Mountain View, CA

Join Kailani Magic of Embodied Sacred Tantra and Eugene Hedlund of Tribal Tantra, who is joining us from San Diego, for an evening Heart Opening Puja Friday night and/or A Day of Intimacy Saturday. These events can be attended together or separately.

A Puja is an uplifting experience of experiencing one's self as a sacred and at the same time embodied being through a series of practices intended to both ground and expand one's perception. For both events couples are welcome to stay together if they choose to.

You are welcome to start with the Puja and decide if you would like to return the next day for a day long experience. It is 6:30-10pm with an option for some cuddles in the end.

And Saturday is a Day of Intimacy - a full day of delightful presence and practice, connection and deepening. It is 10am - 6pm.

A Tantric journey into Intimacy

The practical application of Tantra to our modern lives offers the key to find the freedom we yearn for and intimacy we desire. Tantra is elegantly simple at it's core. It invites us to bring consciousness to that which was unconscious. That is all. And it is enough. From this consciousness we find the building blocks to fulfill two great desires:

*Know who I am
*Love myself

Ours will be a journey of uniting of our heart and mind. Our body and soul. Our sexuality and spirituality. We will use ancient tantric teachings and meditations as a foundation to support the release of guilt, shame and fear which hinders us in fulfilling our purpose in this life.

*learn how our sexuality can power our creativity
*discover how our desire can open our heart
*reawaken our primal intuitive nature
*discover how science is proving spirit
*surrender to receive the love you have been chasing

We will utilize experiential practices connected to the ancient tantric texts with time for commentary, reflection and integration of what was learned, so you may take the tools with you.

This journey into our own heart will be lovingly guided, but will also require the courage to show up, for that part of us which would remain small will manifest into fear, hesitation and doubt, so we must ask, Are you ready?

*Are you ready to move toward grace, ease and empowerment?
*Are you ready to experience and fully embody your right to be loved, to create, act and express?
*Are you prepared to be fully empowered and expressed in your clear masculine/feminine?
*Are you ready to let go of the guilt, fear, shame and limiting beliefs holding you back from living your life?

We will practice classic Tantric ceremonies and meditations. We will work with the tantric elemental and chakra systems. We will work on our own, with partners and in the group field. Emphasis will be on healing, empowerment and integration over strict adherence to a timeline and exercise cramming.

This is a transformational day; If you are ready, answer the call.

Details again:
6:30 - 10pm Fri
10am - 6pm Sat

Evening Puja is $35
A Day of Intimacy is $99
Two events combo is $120

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