SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

RHAPSODY: Drum, Chant, Dance

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 at 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Los Gatos Acupuncture and Qigong Center
761 University Ave., Ste A,
Los Gatos, CA

Express yourself at our artfully facilitated drum, music, and dance circle!


You are encouraged to bring your own drum, shakers, or melodic instruments such as guitar or uke. We have plenty of drums to share – however, you must RSVP if you want us to bring one for you!

Remember, we all have music and rhythm within. The “heartbeat” is the most ancient and sacred rhythm of all.

In this Circle you will experience:
• Good listening practices and making space for music to happen
• Techniques for “Jamming” with other drummers and music makers
• Simple games for interacting (verbally, non-verbally, musically, etc.)
• An enhanced feeling of musical comprehension as you deepen your practice


Experience toning, chanting, singing. We will share songs and chants from American oral tradition, earth-spirit circles, fire family, indigenous cultures, and original creations by Dakini, Heather and Tymn. Each night we will choose a few songs to learn together. These songs will be woven into the drum and dance parts of the night as well.

In this trusting Circle we:
• Find resonance with each other and listen with our hearts
• Encourage others to share their voices and make space for them
• Take risks and speak with integrity
• Tap into our own innate Wisdom


Dance is an integral part of our shared experience, expressing the rhythm, music, and songs that we create through our bodies using the unspoken language of movement. We draw from specific traditions around the world, from a variety of cultures and sacred path work. Each evening will focus on a few easy-to-learn dance/movement techniques, to incorporate into your personal expressions.

In this supportive Circle we:
• Develop a strong self-awareness in body, mind and spirit
• Incorporate yogic and shamanic ‘movement tools’ for personal growth and expression
• Further explore authentic movement with witness/reflection exercises
• Express ourselves fully, letting our own Light shine from within.

Cost: $5 - $15 sliding scale