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Restorative Yoga, Sound Healing and Affirmations

Sunday, July 24, 2016 at 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Breathe Los Gatos
14107 Winchester Blvd, Ste H,
Los Gatos, California 95032

Join Ambika Daniella and Danny Goldberg for another amazing journey!

This will be a powerful and deeply relaxing 3-hour practice. The first 2 hours is Restorative Yoga led by Ambika Daniella while she shares wisdom on the subject of the power of affirmations, how they can re-wire the brain and how we can use them to consciously manifest what we want in our lives.

Danny Goldberg will play sacred sounds that resonate every cell in our body temples to vibrate at a higher frequency and release stagnant energy in the body in all forms. Ambika Daniella’s wonderful assistants will be offering anointings of Essential Oil Blends made by Ambika Daniella for both the soothing the Heart and strengthening the Intuition.

The final hour, Ambika Daniella and Danny will offer a luxurious Sound Bath that includes 3 Gongs (Danny has an amazing NEW GONG!), Koshi chimes, flute and 25 Tibetan Bowls played within the room and on your body (with permission). Ambika Daniella will play her Harmonium and use the resonance of her singing voice as the instrument of sound healing with Mantra and toning.

We will close with a group singing practice using powerful affirmations.

Bring an eye pillow for the Sound Bath (if you have one)

Cost: $75

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