SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Sacred Healing from the Hive

Sunday, July 23, 2017 at 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

The Sacred Well
536 Grand Ave,
Oakland, CA

The bees know the deep magic of sweetness, connection, and golden alchemy. The plants know a magic about the potency of healing and opening to the fragile budding energies of springtime. 

In symbiosis, these magics create a third: the power to integrate with the earth, body and soul, and blur the imaginary line between the human world and the natural world through sweetness, healing, magic, and connection to the vibrant creative energy of the season.

In this class, we will dive into honey magic and plant magic, finding our own paths as healers and mellissaes.

Through trance journey work and learning the dances of the hive, we will connect to the plants and the bees on the soul level, and listen to their stories and learn to navigate the honey roads. We'll focus on learning their lessons about opening to the sweetness of spring, and experiencing the true gift of interdependence with our community, in times of challenge and in times of celebration.

Through hands-on medicine making, we will learn to harness the power of the natural world to heal our bodies, minds, and spirits. We'll explore herbal honeys, syrups, cordials, and flower essences. And we'll experience the bounty of this work -- everyone will come home with treats for themselves or to give as gifts.

Cost: $50