SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Cuddle Party with Marcia

Thursday, August 3, 2017 at 7:00 PM – 10:30 PM PDT

Kensington, CA 94708

Cuddle Party is a short workshop in non-sexual touch, boundaries and communication, followed by a couple of hours to put what you’ve learned into practice by enjoying and exploring touch. (Think hugs, foot rubs, back rubs, spooning and just general non-sexual snuggling.) Join us for an exploration of nurturing, some sweet affection, loving connection, and an opportunity to hone your boundary and communication skills.

At this Cuddle Party, Marcia Baczynski, the co-founder of Cuddle Party, gently leads you and the other guests through an orientation, where you’ll learn to make easy, respectful requests and communicate clear boundaries, and where we’ll go over the simple rules. Then you’ll have plenty of time to relax, chat, cuddle, have a snack, or just hang out.

This is a terrific opportunity to explore high-quality touch, practice asking for what you want, and experiment with setting boundaries.

Cuddle Party is not a sexual event! Everyone remains clothed in pajamas and agrees to the Cuddle Party Rules, which include:
·         Arrive on time for the welcome circle/orientation.
·         Ask for what you want and get a verbal “yes” before proceeding.
·         You don’t have to cuddle anyone you don’t want to, or anyone at all, ever.

Some people are already comfortable with touch and can’t wait to be in a place where that’s OK. Others aren’t even sure they want any touch at all, but come to explore some communication skills. Others are just curious about what it might be like. Whatever your reasons, a Cuddle Party is a great playground for discovering more about yourself, for exploring new ways of connecting with others, or simply enjoying a relaxing, cozy evening with other cuddly souls.

Cost: $35