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Nonlinear Nature Play on the Beach

Saturday, August 6, 2016 at 10 AM - 3 PM

Rodeo Beach (Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Marin County)

This workshop offers an immersion in a natural, nonlinear (outdoor) environment and explores the idea that human health and resilience are similarly nonlinear.

"In physical sciences, a nonlinear system is a system in which the output is not directly proportional to the input." (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonlinear_system)

The possibility that the output is not directly proportional to the input has exciting implications for training structures: it suggests that we can occasionally forgo sets, reps, and drills in favor of illogical improvisation and irregular play.

With that in mind, we'll walk, crawl, roll and scramble in the sand, dip our toes (and maybe our hair) in the ocean, and play plenty of games that capitalize on the erratic beauty of that liminal space where the waves meet the shore.

10am-12:15pm: gather, warmup, prep, explore
12:15pm-12:45pm: snack
12:45pm-3pm: team games, group goals, wave play, sand battles

Cost: $60

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