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As the Wheels Turn – Chakra Balancing Workshop

Saturday, August 6, 2016 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM (PDT)

The Center SF
548 Fillmore St,
San Francisco, CA 94117

In this 3-hour workshop you are invited to investigate the layers of the subtle body. Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit, they are spinning vortices within the subtle body that move with and allow life energy a.k.a. prana a.k.a. chi to move freely (or no so freely) through the body. The term chakra come from India, however there are many ancient traditions that talk about and teach what is essentially the chakra system. There are 7 major chakras throughout the body, they follow the central channel from our pelvic floor up to the crown of our heads. The chakra system is like a map for the journey through life, it covers the full range of human possibility. Each chakra can be seen to manifest its self though various physical traits, attitudes, mental stability and affliction, health, energetic sensibilities and much more. Starting from our root chakra that links us to the material world up to the crown chakra that connects us to the divine energy of consciousness.

In this workshop we will discuss theory of each chakra, how they relate to each other, how they manifest within us, and how we can work with the chakras through meditation, diet, asana (physical postures), sound, breath, colors, essential oils, and crystals. We will explore these various techniques throughout the day and leave with a greater understanding of what is happening presently within our own subtle body, and taking away easy and practical techniques that can be applied every day. When we work mind and body together with a deeper understanding of the subtle body life’s basic tasks can flow more smoothly and enjoyably.

What to expect during the workshop:
 -An opening and centering meditation to ground us in the space and bring awareness into the chakras.
- Theory of the chakra system and how they manifest. Useful tools to engage and balance the chakras.
-Breath and body yogic movement through the chakras.
- Creative chakra meditation.
-Closing meditation.

There will be a short break for snacks and drinks. Please bring a notebook and a pen. Wear something comfortable, we will be sitting and stretching.
This workshop is great for all who are interested in diving deeper and receiving more information about the chakras. Whether you have already studied chakras or only heard the term here and there, this workshop is intended to provide greater understanding and techniques for accessing the chakras and creating balance from within.

Cost: $33 online; $35 at the door

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