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Making Rain: Grief as Sacred Practice

Sunday, January 10, 2016 at 10 AM - 5 PM

Terra's Temple
3051 Adeline St,
Berkeley, California 94703

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Collage by Florian Nicolle

Heart pain, longing, and loss are inevitable here on Earth, yet modern American folk often feel intimidated and ill equipped to navigate the full, transformative potency of grief. We will discuss ways diverse cultures weave ritual, grieving, and heart-centered community and talk about how getting good at grieving is one beautiful ritual strategy for mending cracks in the larger vessel of our humanity. After establishing groundwork for the importance of grieving well, we will call on relevant elemental powers and ancestral guides to hold a kind and protective space for grieving.

This sacred tending takes place in supportive community with ritual precautions to honor the potency and energetic reality of emotional pain. Participants are held in ways that allow for contacting the heart of their experience, expressing from this, and moving into ritual cleansing and return. Losses and heartache of all sorts can serve as obvious catalysts for grieving, and this type of ritual is also one response to drought, one way to welcome back rain to California. No need to feel any particular way to attend and no one will be pressured to cry or anything awkward like that; it is actually a really nourishing way to spend a day in community.

Fee: Suggested contribution is $120, flexibility as needed.

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