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New Moon Wild Woman Dance

Friday, February 5, 2016 at 7 PM - 10 PM

Menlo Pilates & Yoga
1011 El Camino Real,
Menlo Park, California 94025

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This New Moon Dance is a place for us sisters to come together, to (Re)member the original blood sacrifice - our monthly menses, ending the "curse" and shame and all the other taboo about the process that brings all of us life.

Brothers, please read my note below. We are still inviting you to participate in this community with us on these nights!

When we as women do our "work" of (re)member the power of OUR blood, which we shed for ALL along with the lunar calendar, when we settle back into our roots of what makes us biologically different, when we learn that our emotions ARE ALL AS THEY SHALL BE - according to our inner rhythm - we find freedom. We find our Voices, and we will help share this (re)membering with our brothers and our children.

I have learned so much about our Blood Mysteries that I am bursting to share the power of them with you - and know we each carry a piece of the Mysteries within us. That when we (re)member that which has been shamed is actually that which gives us our power… we will be able to dance wildly, unabashedly, with fervor.

We will come together as women to shed that which is dying, dead - and to plant the seed for the next cycle. Life to death to life - the cycle never ending.

BROTHERS: Please note that we sisters are inviting you to STILL be part of this night with us. We would love you to energetically hold the space for us, either outside of Menlo Pilates, or outside, wherever you are. We actually - as sisters - have dreams that you would start your own Moon Lodge and hope this will inspire you!

7-7:20 - co-create the Red Tent/Moon Lodge together (if you can!)
7:20 Change into Sarong (if feel led, symbolic of shedding the outside world to enter our Tent)
7:30-8:30ish circle time
8:30ish-9:30 Wild Woman Dance/cuddle/love on each other in sisterly love
9:30 - closing circle
9:50 - pack up
10 pm - head home feeling juiced up, alive and RADIANT!

* Red colored fabrics, linens, curtains
* Altar items
* Bring red colored clothes like skirts, dresses, sarongs
* A pillow to sit on
* If you are bleeding and would like to donate blood to return to Mother Gaia at the end of our night, please bring some in a sealed glass jar.
*Your voice, your DANCE, your wisdom your Power
*Full Self.

Cost: $15 - $20

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