SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

5Rhythms for Body, Mind and Spirit - 3 daylong workshops in Berkeley

May 27, June 24 & July 22, 2017 at 11 AM to 5 PM

Western Sky Studio,
2525 8th St.,
Berkeley, CA

This workshop is an opportunity to dive deeper into your personal practice of the 5Rhythms or if you are new to the practice, to experience a luxurious immersion into the Rhythms! Gabrielle Roth says that "the dancing path leads us from the inertia of sleepwalking to the ecstasy of living the spirit of the moment". To this point, we will use the map of the 5Rhythms as a guide to become seriously grounded and resourced in our bodies, connected and expressive in our hearts, emptied of all things unessential in our minds, so that our true essence, whether you call it a soul or spirit can soar and be FREE!  This dance IS a map to ecstasy but it only works if you work it! Whether you join us for one or all of these daylong workshops, you will certainly benefit from the medicine that each has to offer!

BODY, May 27:  Flowing (with a focus on self-care) and Staccato (with a focus on communication and connection) as pathways to the body and heart.

MIND, June 24:  We will use Chaos as the entry point to the mind.

SPIRIT, July 22:   Lyrical and Stillness to access the soul and spirit!

During the workshop, we will use experiential practices and self-inquiry to dive deep into our collective journey.  Sayrah draws from over a decade of experience as a Social Worker with trainings in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Yoga and Mindfulness Based Stressed Reduction (MBSR) to name a few.

Please bring a bag lunch, water and wear layers. 

Cost: $95/workshop