SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Eyes of a Dancer with Vinn Arjuna Martí

April 7 – 8, 2017 (Friday – Saturday)

Finnish Kaleva Hall
1970 Chestnut St,
Berkeley, California 94702

This weekend movement workshop invites you to begin seeing with the eyes of your whole body.

We will learn to experience ourselves and the room not just with our sight, but with the unique vision of our fingertips and our hearts, the soles of our feet and our hips.

Through this intimate physical connection, we bridge the places in-between with moving awareness that enriches our whole being. Alone and together we move with new perspective and renewed attention.

With easy and clear facilitation, open dance explorations, and curious dance scores, Arjuna works with each of us to recall the inherent presence of our bodies. Set in a field of movement expression, we will be guided to the stories our bodies tell, while learning to listen to the emptiness. Working with the myriad of cues provided by the dancers and the environment, Arjuna will help us shape the space surrounding us and play in the freedom of creative expression.

Soul Motion is an easily accessible dance method that provides people with direct experience of their bodies from the inside out.

Participants explore their inner landscapes and the environments they inhabit through this conscious dance practice. Needing only willing participation and a desire to relax into the present movement moment, people arrive in new relationships to their bodies, souls and the world.

Cost: $45 (Friday); $85 (Saturday); $108 (Whole weekend)

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